Simple, Secure Internet with Shaftbox VPN


Our Technology

The purpose of ShaftBox is straightforward - to provide your household with a secure and private internet without touching or disturbing anything whatsoever of your existing home network. It does this via our little black box. 

Plug & play

How It Works

100% Privacy Focused VPN Service

Security Made Simple with ShaftBox

A true plug and play VPN makes your Internet secure in 3 easy steps

True Plug and Play VPN


It's ready right out of the box!

Plug your ShaftBox to the router with the cable provided. Connect the other end to the power adapter and turn it on

Secure your Internet in just 3 easy steps


Activation is super easy!

Click on the activation link provided in the email after purchase. On activation, connect your devices to the assigned wireless network

Protect all your devices with secure, private internet VPN


Protect all your devices!

You are now connected to ShaftBox wireless network. Your new safe, secure, anonymous and private internet is ready!

It's really that easy!

There is no need to download and configure anything on each connected device.

It means, any device capable of making a Wi-Fi connection can be protected by ShaftBox. So even an AppleTV can be protected, which it cannot with all of our software VPN competitors out there.

Got more questions - have a look at our FAQ Or Contact us and you will receive an answer within 24 hours. 

Simple, Secure, Privacy focused Internet

The simplest way to a
safer Internet

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