Frequently asked Questions

Do you have questions about ShaftBox? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about ShaftBox VPN. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us directly.

A UK registered, transparent company started by UK business people from the engineering industry. Nothing hidden, no strange jurisdictions, no offshore registrations. Plain, simple and upfront.

Absolutely not. Our sole purpose is to bring internet privacy to everyone at an acceptable cost and we have zero interest in your data. We operate a 100% “no-logs” policy.

Absolutely you should. It will ensure you are working privately and securely which is super important.

Very! We use the most modern and secure VPN protocol available today: WireGuard™. We are ahead of the curve with this. Most of our competitors use the old, clunky and less secure OpenVPN protocol.

Unlike all our competitors, we place no restriction whatsoever on how many devices you connect.

Yes, just go to from your browser and our systems will test and detect if you are protected with our VPN and immediately display the result at the very top. You will see that when connected to the SHAFTBOX-xyz Wi-Fi you get a positive test result (protected), but when connected to your normal home Wi-Fi you will get a negative test result (not protected).

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